Joint Turkish-Azerbaijani Military Exercises in Turkey Scheduled for February

From February 1 to 12, in Kars, Turkey, tank units, cannon batteries, snipers, special forces command, commandos and military helicopters will take part in joint military exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The province of Kars borders Armenia, with whom a ceasefire was recently signed in regards to the second Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) war. It will be the largest military exercise of recent times not only for the Azerbaijani, but also for the Turkish armed forces.

The main goal of the winter military exercises is the coordination of actions of the armies of the two countries in conditions close to combat. The latest weapons that have recently entered the arsenal of the armies of Turkey and Azerbaijan will also be on display in Kars, according to the official information of the Turkish defense ministry.

Joint military exercises of the armies of Turkey and Azerbaijan are held regularly. Turkey and Azerbaijan held joint military exercises last summer after Azerbaijani forces brazenly attacked military and civilian targets in Armenia’s Tavush Province.

After the drills ended on August 10, the Turkish armed forces left much of their equipment and some of their personnel in Azerbaijan in what became a prelude to the September 27 Karabakh war launched by Azerbaijan and backed by Turkish, which also deployed Syrian mercenaries to fight alongside Azerbaijani troops.

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