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Mutilated Body of Woman in Artsakh Found Tortured and Abandoned by Azeri Soldiers

According to Artsakh State Service for Emergency Situations’ representative Hunan Tadevosyan, relatives have already identified the body of 58-year-old Karin Tak resident Alvard Tovmasyan.

A search team found the victim’s body in the yard of her house in the village of Karin Tak, on the outskirts of Shushi, which was captured by Azerbaijani forces during the recent Artsakh war. Hetq News reports that Samvel Tovmasyan, her brother, took part in the search and recognized his sister’s body by her clothes. He said the body had been tortured beyond recognition. Nairouhie Tovmasyan, Samvel’s wife, says the missing woman’s hand, foot and ear had been cut off.

They began searching for the missing woman after the November 9 ceasefire was declared and contacted the International Committee of the Red Cross, Armenia’s Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia, and local police.

As of 14 January, the bodies of 1,230 military personnel and civilians have been found to this day.

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