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Turkish journalist speaks on the Artsakh war

Turkish journalist Uzay Bulut on the Artsakh war for Modern Diplomacy
Below is an excerpt from the publication.
Bulut writes that from September 27 to November 10, the Armenian Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in the South Caucasus was subjected to a genocidal assault by Azerbaijan/Turkey. The world witnessed their heinous war crimes as they attacked the indigenous lands of Armenians with internationally banned munitions.
Confirmed by a recent UN report, “Turkey also sent Azerbaijan mercenaries from Syria.” Azerbaijani/Turkish forces “murdered civilians, injured journalists, targeted homes, forests, hospitals, churches and cultural centers, among other non-military targets. They used white phosphorus and cluster munitions in violation of international law.” Over 90,000 citizens were forced to abandon their ancestral land. The war halted after 45 days as a result of a Russia-brokered trilateral agreement.
According to the agreement, “an exchange of prisoners of war, other detained persons and bodies of the dead” would happen. However, even after the agreement countless videos have emerged showing Azeri soldiers beheading, mutilating, and dismembering Armenian civilians and POWs.

On December 10, a “victory parade” was held in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. The parade celebrated Turkey/Azerbaijan’s joint “military victory” over Artsakh and was attended by Turkish President Erdogan and Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev. Erdogan delivered a speech praising Enver Pasha, an architect of Ottoman Turkey’s 1914-1923 Christian genocide, which claimed 1.5 million Armenians and one million Greeks and Assyrians.

According to Bulut, Turkey/Azerbaijan’s genocidal intentions towards Armenia is because of:
1) Traditionally ingrained Turkish/Azeri genocidal hatred towards Armenians and Christianity, and
2) Turkey’s goal of pan-Turkist expansionism, which Turkey calls the “Red Apple” doctrine.

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