U.S. Military Convoy Enters Syria

The United States -led military coalition which has been formed to fight the Daesh Takfiri, also known as ISIS, terrorist group which reportedly sent a new convoy of trucks to Syria’s province of Hasakah.

As per reports by RT Arabic television news network, a convoy of 5 trucks crossed the Waleed border, entering Syria from Iraq’s northern semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. This comes after Israeli warplanes fired several missiles towards central Syria. The attack killed a family of four, including two children and four others have been injured, reports AP.

SANA also reported that some 200 US troops arrived in the Hasakeh province on helicopters.

According to the report, the troops are set to deploy on the nearby oilfields, with Kurdish-controlled eastern Syria rich in energy resources.

The US-led coalition has been working closely with the Kurds during the campaign against the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria, with #Kurdish forces often working as ground coordinators for coalition jets during airstrikes.

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